It is important to read up as much as possible yourself before venturing into the field. Once you have decided on ancient Brazilian teapots, subscribe to the Ancient Brazilian Teapot Monthly; a list of relevant publications will be available at your local library who will also order for you any websites that you need.

Otherwise, go to one of the auction houses, to their resident expert, who is dying for the opportunity to discuss one of his pet subjects and will love telling you all about the said teapots. Your local antique shop may be helpful, although it is a good idea to do your homework first.

Is it a member of one of the three main trade associations - The British Antique Dealers' Association, the London and Provincial Antique Dealers' Association, and the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers? If it is, then this suggests that the owner has some sort of good reputation. If the dealer is friendly and interested, cultivate him. He will be able to look out for pieces for your collection, advise you about authenticity, and generally help you with advice.

Contact another collector, if you can.

CCMG - 2013