History of Construction Contracts Mediators' Group (CCMG)

This is a history site about Construction Contracts Mediators' Group (CCMG). The Construction Contracts Mediators Group (CCMG) came into existence on 10th January, 2000. 

History of Construction Contracts Mediators' Group (CCMG)CCMG provided access to a group of mediators who specialised in construction contract disputes. Each mediator had experience of the difficulties that could arise which needed to be overcome solar panel installation in order to enable construction contract disputes to be settled amicably, economically, and on terms acceptable to the parties.

Contractors are often in a good position to see how new procedures can improve work flow. By moving between different clients you pick up a wealth of knowledge - why not share it here! But please ensure you are not broadcasting client-specefic procedures - remember that confidentiality clause you signed!

It will allow greater access to a larger number of clients, candidates and resources. It also provides Davis with the opportunity to extend its services into freelance resourcing.

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Any person could contact the Chairman of CCMG or any member of the Committee to seek further information about CCMG and its services. more about CCMG

CCMG is now managed by Resolex - for more information about them visit their website.

But, we need your input! You are the ones who have the experience after all. So if you have new ways of doing things which you find far more efficient than some of the regimented procedures you often find in new work environments then let us know.

The revised document will be called the Integrated Regional Framework and will fully em ace the Building in Sustainability principles.

Avoiding cost of litigation - THE court system in England is a front loading system – if you decide to take a matter to court you must pay up front for the privilege.

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