About - History of Construction Contracts Mediators' Group (CCMG)

Any person could contact the Chairman of CCMG or any member of the Committee to seek further information about CCMG and its services. Information given in this website, or which could be given in answer to inquiries, was given in good faith, but no representations or undertakings were given as to the accuracy of such information.

iRating parameters now largely conform to the requirements of the rules for banks' internal rating systems set out in the document. In addition to the ratings of small and medium-sized companies, a quantification of the probability for bankruptcy will now also be available

A successful project for the automated evaluation of the economy of small and medium-sized companies, municipalities, housing cooperatives and condominium associations will be launched today with the introduction of a new software application called Internet Rating.

In particular, the data in the Members section of the website had been provided by the members themselves, on whom alone reliance could be placed for the accuracy of the information given.

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Mediators section contains useful resources regarding mediation techniques.

This is a local initiative that involves community participation in the formulation of a Transport Action Plan and surrounding areas. We found better business electricity prices and list of suppliers.

The objectives include:

  • improving access for all residents;
  • Cargo Business Charters
  • improving safety and reducing air and noise pollution;
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  • encouraging more use of cycling, walking and public transport;
  • improving access to jobs, training and education; contributing to reducing social
  • exclusion, improving health and reducing the effects on our climate.
  • exlcusive air charter services
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