In every decision to do with your money you need to be aware of your tax position. Changing your finances could severely alter your tax liability, and it is your right to avoid paying tax wherever possible.

In the table below we set out the main income tax rates with thresholds, and later on we give details of capital gains, capital transfer (now called inheritance tax) and other taxes.

We also refer in subsequent sections to the specific tax consequences of certain actions and suggest ways in which tax liabilities can be minimised. Once again, your best bet on the tax front is to take advice from those who know, whether accountants or other professionals.

Personal tax rates for 2016 /7

Rate Taxable income


29 0 17,200

40 17,201- 20,200

45 20,201- 25,400

50 25,401- 33,300

55 33,301- 41,200

60 over 41,200

CCMG - 2013

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